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Back to the roots

The German watch brand REGENT offers traditional watchmaking know how with its Made in Germany line. In the spirit of “back to the roots” parts of the watch production business were brought back to Germany. Discover this success story of the German watch industry with fascinating wrist watches and pocket watches!

Strong demand: Watches “Made in Germany”

REGENT Fertigung Pforzheim

The German watch brand REGENT is known for its extensive collection of several hundred wristwatches and pocket watches.

1983: Founded as the brand for German watch dealers, 26 wholesalers united to bundle forces with German contract manufacturers. This guaranteed German jobs for years and allowed the development of marketing and sales concepts. Many production steps were conducted in Germany until this industry also became increasingly globalized.

REGENT has always focused on German quality and excellent service. It has likewise established clear guidelines for the implementation of convincing models – an outstanding variety of which has now been sold millions of times to broad target groups. Since 2015, REGENT has offered a Made in Germany line that now includes more than 60 models. REGENT again relies on traditional watchmaking from the small city of Pforzheim, renowned for gold as well as watches. In the spirit of “back to the roots”, large parts of the watch production business were brought back to Germany.

What is Made in Germany?

REGENT Fertigung Pforzheim

Product design, the assembly of international components and strict quality-checks – i.e. the overwhelming part of the added value – are found in Made in Germany models. This ensures German workplaces and traditional watchmaking know-how at German locations.

Due to the lack of freely available German watch mechanisms, REGENT does need to use international components. Its automatic movements, for example, come from Asia. This meets the criteria of the National “Made in Germany” Association Jewelry + Watches.

REGENT is a success story and driving force behind Germany’s watch industry. You, too, can experience the fascination of this brand. Experience REGENT Made in Germany!

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